Petition for Apologetics

caaAmerica is in a crisis of knowledge, both inside and outside the church.  There is much to say about this subject and I hope to say more in the future.  But, today I want to draw attention to an important opportunity to sign a petition to church leaders to emphasize apologetics in the local church (click here or the picture).

Apologetics is largely either marginalized or completely ignored in the local church.  What is apologetics?  Developed from a Greek word in 1 Peter 3:15, it refers to “giving a reason.”  You may think of apologetics in 3 parts:  First, apologetics is establishing rational or reasonable case for the truth of Christianity.  Second, apologetics is defending that case for Christianity against objections.  Third, apologetics is arguing against competing views such as other religions, atheism, and so on.  Apologetics has been around since the early church and is essential to both discipleship and evangelism.

I hope you can see how important apologetics is, not just in the church, but in the world!  If so, would you consider signing the petition (click here or the picture) to emphasize apologetics in the local church?  Further more. raise awareness for the need of apologetics in your own church.

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